Where We Work

We’re building a global community for sustainable refrigerant management.

We're already up and running in Indonesia, where our community is growing and our team has begun working with local partners. To learn more about partnering with us in Indonesia, see our Partners page.

Starting in 2022, we’ll be expanding across Indonesia, while preparing to launch new pilots around Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

We want to work where we can have the most impact. For us, that means hot, humid, fast-growing countries with high demand for air conditioning. We are also only working in Article 5 countries under the Kigali Amendment, which means they have slower phasedowns of high-GWP refrigerants.

These also tend to be the countries most severely affected by climate change. While Recoolit’s climate mitigation impact is global, the economic benefits we bring to our local partners can help with climate adaptation as well.

If you want to partner with Recoolit and bring our technology to any of the following countries, please get in touch!