Empowering sustainable cooling

Recoolit mitigates climate change by preventing refrigerant emissions. Our technology incentivizes and supports AC technicians around the world to keep these superpotent greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

The problem

Air conditioning and refrigeration are critical to modern life, but they have massive climate impact. ACs of all sizes are full of powerful greenhouse gases which are emitted to the atmosphere during maintenance or at device end of life.

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How it works

The Recoolit platform coordinates an ecosystem of partners to safely & efficiently collect, transport and destroy harmful waste gases.

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Carbon offsets

Our work generates high-quality carbon offsets with ironclad additionality and permanence, backed by a full digital audit trail.

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The Recoolit platform

AC technicians around the world use our platform to access the training, support and equipment they need to adopt more sustainable refrigerant management.


Technicians borrow equipment from convenient pickup spots and use it to recover waste refrigerant from old devices that would otherwise be emitted.

Transport & destroy

Full cylinders of waste gas get handled to international standards. They are safely transported and stored, then get weighed and chemically tested before destruction.

Unmatched transparency

Find out exactly where your offset dollars are going. Your purchase lets you track your avoided emissions every step of the way with incredible granularity.

Our Partners

Apitu Indonesia
Synergy Efficiency Solutions
VidaAir Air Care Partners
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