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We're building partnerships across the cooling industry. Whether you're a freelance technician or a global manufacturer, there's a place here for you.

For Technicians

Recoolit provides training, tools, and payment for you to recover used refrigerant during your normal work.

Here’s how it works

Get Trained

We provide training and certification in refrigerant recovery. Learn to use refrigerant recovery equipment safely and fast, and take your skills to the next level.

Access Tools

Stop by one of our convenient locations to borrow our tools and cylinders. We can also deliver them to you!

Save the planet

Any time you are replacing an old unit, or would normally discard old refrigerant, just recover it using our app instead.

Get paid

Bring back the tools and the gas. We’ll weigh the cylinders you filled up, and pay you for every kilogram. And if you invite your friends, you get paid every time they recover, too!

Interested in working with Recoolit?

We're making sustainability easy and profitable while we build a community across the cooling industry. Reach out directly to start a conversation.

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For Businesses

Recoolit is building partnerships across the cooling industry.

We are already working with manufacturers, distributors, engineering services companies, energy efficiency consultants, building owners, and more. If you work in air conditioning or refrigeration, get in touch to find out how our solutions can increase the sustainability of your own operations, build your brand, and get you paid.


If you install or service cooling equipment, we can get you paid for recovering waste refrigerant. And your clients will be happy to know that you're doing things sustainably.

Building Owners

We can help you go above and beyond green building standards with a sustainable refrigerant management certification that you can proudly display.


Want to measure and reduce your scope 3 emissions? Our proprietary datasets can help you understand what happens to your devices in the field, and we can work with your distribution network to address emissions from maintenance and end-of-life. We can also bring innovation to your ESG program with our digital refrigerant management solutions.

Have a stockpile of old devices or used refrigerant?

Whether you're holding onto refrigerants that you can't sell, or you have a bunch of ACs sitting in a scrapyard, we help you dispose of the waste gas safely and legally.

Training & Equipment

Refrigerant recovery is difficult and requires specialized equipment. If your technicians need training or the right tools, get in touch and we can help.