About Us

We’re a small mission-driven team passionate about achieving massive impact.

Our ambition and speed comes from the culture of Silicon Valley, but we are humble about the technical and cultural expertise that will be required, and we seek close collaboration with experienced partners and advisors.

We are backed by leading angel investors from US climate-tech circles and around the world, and we’ve been recognized as a highly impactful early-stage climate startup by the Diamond List.

If you’re interested in joining our efforts as a partner, employee, advisor or investor, please get in touch.

Our Mission

The planet is burning, and we need all hands on deck. Recoolit is fighting to preserve the natural world and create a livable future for humankind.

It’s impossible to imagine the modern world without air conditioning and refrigeration, but these technologies come with a massive cost in climate impact. Recoolit builds technology that makes it easy and profitable for the cooling industry to adopt sustainable practices, starting with responsible management of high-GWP refrigerant. By connecting the global demand for high-quality carbon offsets to the day-to-day lives of AC technicians around the world, we can channel funds towards the frontline activities that will cause the biggest impact, preventing gigatons of emissions over the next few decades.

Burning forest
Photo by Karsten Winegeart

Our Story

Louis Potok

In 2019, our CEO went looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Louis picked up Project Drawdown, a comprehensive ranking of climate solutions, and saw that refrigerant management was #1 on the list. He had never heard of the refrigerant issue, and expected to discover that the problem was under control. As he learned more, spending nights and weekends studying the problem and talking to dozens of experts, he realized the world needed a new approach.

The scale was immense: 3 gigatons of emissions yearly and growing. And it was tractable: no new scientific breakthroughs were needed. But it had slipped through the cracks of public awareness, and the existing solutions were completely inadequate compared to the size and scope of the problem.

A few months later, unable to get this idea out of his head, Louis quit his job and flew to Southeast Asia to learn from the technicians and waste collectors on the frontlines of the refrigerant problem. After a false start in Cambodia and a lot of iteration, Recoolit was founded in late 2020. We raised a small amount of funding (including a critical email exchange from a tent in a Nebraska cornfield on a cross-country road trip) and were off to the races in Indonesia.