Our Offsets

Help us solve the biggest, most neglected problem in climate change.

Corporations and individuals want to offset their emissions, but you get what you pay for: the cheapest offsets around have been repeatedly shown to have serious problems. Innovative buyers are rejecting legacy project types in favor of carbon removal, but at up to $2000/ton those are out of reach for almost everyone.

The Solution

Our refrigerant destruction offsets are the best of both worlds: the same quality as cutting-edge carbon removal offsets at a fraction of the price. Your credit purchase supports our innovative work tracking down and destroying the world's worst greenhouse gases. We still have credits available from our pilot batch, available for early adopters. For most Americans, a subscription of just 2 credits per month will offset all your personal emissions!

If you have questions, or want to apply your credits for a business or as a gift, please feel free to reach out!

Full Transparency

When you buy our offsets, you can track the avoided emissions every step of the way. You'll see every detail: from photos of the recovery to a full geolocated chain of custody for the waste gas as it is transported, stored and destroyed. Our amazing partners are creating fully additional offsets, and we're proud to show you exactly how it's done.

Your purchase kept 17.1 tonnes CO2e from
reaching the atmosphere.

Here’s how we did it.

First, our amazing technician partners recovered greenhouse gases on our platform.


Hermawan recovered waste gas from a household unit during maintenance.

Daikin Air Unit

Serial Number: YG3F307E

Waste Cylinder

GWP 1760
Net Wt 6.1 kg


Siti recovered contaminated gas while replacing an end-of-life unit at a shopping mall.

Panasonic Air Unit

Serial Number: ZGVMYU70

Waste Cylinder

GWP 1300
Net Wt 4.7 kg


Next, we transported all those cylinders to our
warehouse outside Jakarta.


Finally, the gas was destroyed at a facility in West Java. The peak destruction temperature was over 800° C (that's HOT).


Ironclad Additionality

Companies and individuals all over the world are achieving carbon neutrality by reducing emissions where they can, and offsetting the rest. A healthy market for offsets is not a silver bullet for climate change, but it has a part to play over the next 30 years as we move towards a net-zero economy.

Unfortunately, many available offsets are low-quality.

The key principle for offsets is additionality: if you didn’t pay for the offset, what would have happened? For too many projects, the answer is murky at best. Even with 3rd party certification and verification, for both regulated and voluntary offsets, it’s difficult or impossible to show clearly that your offset purchase is making a difference. That’s why so many offsets trade for mere pennies: because buyers who care about quality won’t touch them.

A handful of innovative offset buyers, recognizing these problems, have spun up internal teams to do their own research and bring their overall competence and analytical thinking to their offset purchases. In many cases they’ve fallen in love with carbon removal technologies like direct air capture, enhanced weathering, and others. We love these projects too, and the world needs more of them! But most of them are still in the R&D phase: too expensive for most buyers, facing scientific questions about permanence and life-cycle, and not ready for scale-up. Additional investment is needed to answer these questions and bring down the cost curve.

If you’re trying to be carbon-neutral today, how do you choose between the low-quality offsets of the traditional carbon markets and the high-tech removal credits going for hundreds of dollars per ton?

Recoolit offers the best of both worlds.

Our offsets prevent emissions now. It’s a sure thing, and much cheaper than direct air capture. Your purchase comes with full transparency: a full digital record showing the exact cylinders of gas we destroyed on your behalf. You can follow along every step of the way, from the scrapped devices where we found the gas, to the technicians who recovered it, and the evidence of final destruction.

We never pay our partners more than the market price of new refrigerant, removing any possibility of a perverse incentive. And because we use well-studied industrial processes, as approved by TEAP at UNEP, there’s no science risk: no carbon is going to bubble back out in 5 years, like you might worry about with soil, forestry, or other nature-based processes.

If your offset portfolio needs ironclad quality at sensible prices, or you just want to learn more, please reach out!