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Refrigerants matter to the climate crisis

The fight against climate change is our generation's shared mission. This critical moment in human history calls on us to work towards mitigating the damage done to our shared home, and adapting human society to the future that has already begun to arrive. Energetic and talented people all over the world are looking to devote their lives to this work. It's difficult to know what to focus on, but a good way to achieve impact is to find important but neglected sub-problems.

Refrigerant management is the most impactful mitigation approach that Project Drawdown evaluated, but has received a disproportionately small amount of attention and funding.

We're a small team trying to solve this problem globally. We're looking for the most neglected angles, doing the work that has fallen into the gaps until now, pushing forward these efforts with a variety of partners until the last kilogram of high-GWP refrigerants is emitted into the atmosphere.

The species is on a precipice. If we are to continue thriving and growing, we must change as individuals and as a civilization. The institutions and value systems that created the climate crisis will not solve it without serious change. This moment calls for new kinds of communities and institutions that can work together on every aspect of the problem, and we're proud to be a part of that effort.

We're always looking for like-minded individuals or groups to work with or learn from, so please get in touch.

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Louis Potok


Louis has spent the last decade working to build and scale businesses and communities that improve the world.

Louis is deeply experienced in applying behavioral economics, digital technology, and data science to a variety of social problems. These tools are powerful but limited. Complex real world problems  demand bringing together a team with diverse intellectual and professional backgrounds, who can learn quickly together and adapt to changing realities. He's seen this in areas as diverse as human services delivery, microfinance, financial rehabilitation, and medical decision-making.

Louis founded Recoolit after an extensive search for opportunities to devote his career to the fight against climate change, and a deep study of the current global effort on refrigerant emissions. He is always excited to talk about beekeeping, bicycle touring or the replication crisis in the social sciences. He lives in Phnom Penh and is an EPA Section 608 Type 1 certified refrigerant technician.